Food Center Covid-19 Opperations:

On Wednesdays the Food Center will distribute pre-packed bags of groceries from 9am to noon.  Clients will show photo ID and sign for their food.  No clients will be allowed in the building, and clients will not be able to choose their own items.  Clients should wait in their cars until volunteers start serving at 9am.  Clients should not congregate at the door. Clients will have the opportunity to be served by the food center once per month.

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Plan to Address Covid-19

COVID-19  UPDATE - November 10, 2020

Greetings MPC Church Family,

MPC’s COVID-19 Task Force recently discussed the rise in COVID-19 case counts in Bucks County and in our surrounding municipalities. The metrics have moved in the wrong direction at an alarming rate, and the Session has approved a recommendation from the Task Force to stop indoor, in-person worship services until mid-January, when we will reassess the situation. This decision is aligned to the plan approved by the Session in July.


As case counts in Bucks County and surrounding areas continue to rise, they have reached levels not seen since May. As you can see in the metrics document accessible from this site, most of the metrics we monitor have surpassed levels we set for our church family. But please know that we continue to monitor the validity and helpfulness of each individual metric, knowing that we learn more about this virus with each passing month. We have made adjustments when needed and acted when needed. Now is the time to act in response to a very frightening situation at our doorstep.

Health experts predict that the onset of cold weather, and increased frequency of family gatherings with the approaching holidays, are likely to drive a continued surge in cases. Recent situations at MPC have also reminded us that people don’t always know when they have been exposed to COVID-19. We expect this reality to only increase as metrics surge. So, we are making the difficult decision to temporarily stop indoor, in-person worship in order to protect the MPC family the best way we know how. The decision to reassess in January gives us time to understand the severity of this winter surge, as well as gives our staff time to plan for robust alternatives through Advent and Christmas.

I can certainly appreciate the disappointment here, friends, and I share it. This is not how any of us wanted to navigate the Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas seasons. But I believe it is the right and safest decision we can make. And I continue to hold onto the gratitude I feel for this church family and for all the ways we have continued to bear witness to Christ’s love in this challenging season. Every week we are feeding the hungry through our Food Center and the Ivins Outreach Center. Every week we are meeting for Bible Study, Fellowship, Youth Club, and Adult Education over Zoom. Every week we are gathering for the worship of God! Thank you for the ways you have embraced new technology and our unofficial 2020 church motto, “we’ve never done it this way before!” I am confident that though the sanctuary will be closed for awhile, the church will remain open! Because you have, and will continue to be, so faithful. And through your love for God and for God’s people, we can continue to remind the world of the light of God’s love amidst all that might feel dark. Thank you for being the church! I love you all.



With gratitude for your patience, grace, and understanding,



Rev. Rachel Rhodes

Senior Pastor & Head of Staff


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