We do not “come to church” on Sunday mornings.  We are church wherever we are, on whatever day of the week.  Monday through Saturday the church is scattered throughout the community, the nation and even the world, living out their Christian vocation in home and business, at work, study and play, in all of the ups and downs of life.

On Sundays, the Lord’s Day, the scattered church assembles in a sanctuary where a table, a font and a pulpit remind us of our corporate identity as the Body of Christ. Drawn together by the call of God, we gather as a particular expression of the “one holy, catholic and apostolic church” to offer prayer and praise to the Triune God who created us to live in communion with one another, and with God.

Worship at MPC is truly an intergenerational and inclusive experience. People of every decade of life — children, youth and young adults, middle-aged and seniors meet and greet one another in worship, and as they do, they are in turn met and addressed by God.

Sunday Mornings at MPC

All are welcome, come as you are!


9:30 - 10:30 a.m.

(September through May)


10:30-11:30 a.m.

in our Sanctuary

or online.


(currently not occurring)


If you are not a member at MPC, we would love for you to consider joining us in ministry and mission. 


Believing — Belonging — Becoming


This three-week class, led by Pastor Rachel, will be an opportunity to explore church membership, whether you’re ready to join or just curious about what that would mean.  We will explore topics like, “What do we believe as Presbyterians?”; “How are we called to be the church in the world?”; “What does ministry and mission look like at MPC?”; “Who is it that God is calling me to be and how can I seek to pursue God’s call more fully through membership at MPC?”  This class will gather after worship at Noon on selected dates, and we hope you will consider joining us.  If you are interested in participating, please contact the church office (215-295-4191 or or speak directly with Pastor Rachel ( to find out when the next class is planned.

There is no need to feel self-conscious about not having attended worship in a while.  In our hectic times and culture, it is quite understandable.  Everyone is welcomed to this class.  It is your chance to reconnect with the church and find out if the PC(USA) and MPC are for you.

Although this class is designed for potential new members to meet the instructional requirement of the PC(USA) to become a member of the church,  you are under no obligation to join the church.  However, if you are interested in becoming a new member of MPC, all you have to do is attend  in order to meet the instructional requirement.

Upon attending the seminar, visitors may request to join the church.  You will be invited to attend the next meeting of Session to be welcomed into the MPC congregation.