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Grounded in the grace of God, we are a vibrant Christian community, disciples of all ages, gathered for worship and nurture, scattered to serve and to love. 


Grounded in the grace of God, we will understand that God’s gifts are freely and generously given so that they may be freely and generously shared – both for strengthening the church and for meeting the needs of a hurting world.  Relying on the grace of God to meet every real need, our decisions and actions will be motivated by a confident trust in God who “so loved the world, that he gave his only son” (John 3:16).

As a vibrant Christian community, we will be joyful, uplifting, welcoming, and respectful – a spirit-filled fellowship in which life-changing connections are made and sustained.  In all our relationships we will love and accept others as Christ has accepted us.

As of disciples of all ages, we will be an intentionally intergenerational church responding to Christ’s call to follow him. Children, youth and adults will understand through the shared experience of service that Christ’s mission is ours, and our mission is his.

Gathered for worship, we will invite people from both sides of the Delaware River to join in worship which is joyful, meaningful, challenging and inspirational. Our worship will embrace thoughtful, relevant preaching grounded in Scripture, an emphasis on the identity and purpose of the church discovered at font and table, and a rich use of music and the arts.

Gathered for nurture, we will encourage and support life-long spiritual growth through our ministries of education and caring.  We will teach, experience and live out the story of God’s love for us and for all the world.

Scattered to serve and to love, we will respond to Christ’s commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves. In all that we do we will seek to follow the teaching and example of Jesus who came “not to be served but to serve” (Matthew 20:28).  Joined in our baptism to Christ and his ministry of love, peace, and justice, we will bear the good news beyond the walls of the church, to the world God loves.


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