Morrisville Presbyterian Church (MPC) has a richly rewarding ministry for youth.  This is a safe haven where the youth of MPC and the community, have a place they can come knowing they are loved and accepted for the special individuals they are, knowing they are not alone because God is there for them to help in times of need and times of joy.

The main purpose of this ministry is to teach Christ’s love to the youth and to help them grow as a new generation of Disciples of Christ.  We help them see and to understand that God puts people into their lives at times of need so that they are never alone.

The Youth Ministries Committee has developed an intergenerational community of faith, living out baptismal promises, MPC will nurture and engage youth in their relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through worship, witness, faith formation and spiritual fellowship so that they become faithful disciples and servant leaders in Christ’s church and the world.

All of this is accomplished by MPC having developed a series of programs including Youth Club, Youth in Mission and Sunday school and/or High School Seminar.   Each event in this ministry teaches the youth of MPC and the community spiritual formation disciplines that are easily grasped and acted upon by the different age groups.  We hope to develop the awareness of God’s love for them so that they are more aware of God’s actions in their lives and who they are in relationship to God.


This is a well-developed ministry here at MPC.  We believe in our youth and the leaders they will become as they mature into women and men. We want them to live and thrive in their faith and the life of the church by creating a vibrant ministry as we live our lives together as the body of Christ in this community of faith.



Morrisville Presbyterian Church Offers Six Scholarships for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Graduating high school seniors and college students may be eligible for one of the scholarships offered by Morrisville Presbyterian Church (MPC) for the 2020-2021 school year. Interested students may obtain a scholarship application from the church office or on line. The six scholarships offered include:

  • Helen Nicholas Borden Scholarship – Two scholarships are to be given to a deserving High School Senior or an undergraduate College student who demonstrates the values of hard work and perseverance.  Preference to an MPC member, but may be given to any student active in the life of MPC community*.  This is a need based scholarship.

  • Birks Scholarship – A scholarship available to undergraduate or graduate students following a course of study in medicine or ministry. This scholarship is available to MPC members and those in the MPC community*.

  • Roberts Scholarship – A scholarship available to undergraduate or graduate students following a course of study in medicine or ministry. This scholarship is available to MPC members and those in the MPC community*.

  • C. Burgess Scholarship – A scholarship available to an undergraduate student. The scholarship is based on financial need.  The scholarship is available to members of MPC.

  • Patti Jane Reeves Scholarship – A scholarship awarded to a graduating high school senior. The recipient is determined based on service to community, participation in the life of the church and academic excellence. The scholarship is available to MPC members.

*The MPC Community includes those associated with the church that may not be members but participate in the mission and ministry of MPC (such examples might be a Youth Club member, an active Food Center volunteer, etc.).

Need based scholarships require Government FAFSA Score (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) regardless if you qualify for FAFSA. MPC uses FAFSA data to determine relative need.

2020 Scholarship Application Form




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