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The Young Adult Committee experienced a year of growth through providing fellowship opportunities for MPC members and friends (and accompanying children) aged college through 30s. The committee is chaired by Elder Caroline Thompson. This year we embraced the section of MPC’s Mission Statement that calls us to serve and to love one another.

We served and loved our MPC college students in Fall 2018 by baking cookies and assembling care packages that were mailed to destinations near (Bucks County) and far (California).


We served and loved our environment in Winter 2019 through a weekend-long college mini-mission trip to the Jersey Shore to clean up over 250 pounds of beach trash including plastic bottles, aluminum cans, Styrofoam packaging materials, hundreds of cigarette butts, bottle caps, food containers and wrappers, zip ties, mylar and latex balloon remnants and leftovers from New Years Eve celebrations such as firework casings, ribbon and confetti.


Finally, we served and loved fellowship with one another in Spring 2019 through asparagus picking (yes, you read that right) and wine tasting at Terhune Orchards.


By providing a space for fun, open conversation, service, and friendship-formation we are deepening the individual bonds to MPC that make this congregation feel like home. When we look around the sanctuary each Sunday we see friends who we have shared a glass of wine with, baked cookies with, cleaned up God’s creation with and in some small way that makes our unified worship more authentic and more powerful. Thanks be to God.

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